Computing Degree Show 2015

HCI Challenges from Tobii Technology

Sorting Bee: an iPad Game for Children with Autism

Proof-of-concept to help diabetic children master the hypo protocol

Programming privacy-aware machine learning algorithms using and Tabular

Helios: A System to Aid Dementia Carers

Deep Learning for game-playing agents

Improving Marketing with Technology

Constructing and Measuring Effort Estimation Models and Software Cost Models in an Agile Environment

Developing a game engine

An online peer review submission and calculation website

My Sous-Chef

Real-Time Stock Filling and Ordering System for Small Shops

Heuristic functions for A*-search algorithm in AI

Computer based decision support system for people with diabetes

Virtual Arduino

Graphical Enigma simulator

Recipes For Life : Bringing the tradition of cookbooks to the 21st century

RateMyClass: using tablet computers to gather student feedback

Cellular Geospatial Network Shapes

Mobile Personalised Simulations of Colour Vision Deficiency

Automotive ideas

Computer vision for recognition of food preparation tasks

Harvesting social media data in support of the Botanic Garden Endowment Trust

Hands-free colour identification for people with colour vision deficiency

Raspberry Pi EPOS System – ismo

Recognizing trust in natural language

Improving the user experience of controllers in virtual reality

Implementing a .NET Obfuscator

PANGU Mobile Client

Software to aid the daily activities and running of a marquee business

Building the argplayer

Fitness/Workout application for Android

Multiplayer game

Implementing a Lambda Calculus Compiler

Hand biometrics: detection and analysis of pigmentation patterns

Chronic Pain Management System Icon

Medical monitoring app for Chronic Pain Management

Creating a new computer game using constraint programming to automatically generate and grade the difficulty of levels

GPU / CPU Processor Comparator

Benefits of ACE versus existing colour palette picker systems

Queen Mother Building room booking system