Computing Degree Show 2015

Benefits of ACE versus existing colour palette picker systems

My project is an evaluative research project that analyses how the ACE (Accessible Colour Evaluator) tool compares with some of the best colour scheme selection tools on the web. In a world where almost 10% of the population is affected by a colour vision deficiency of some form, it is critical to provide accessibility in a world as expansive as the Internet.

The problem with ACE was that it had not been properly evaluated against other tools, what made it stand out from the rest? By comparing three of the most important features that web developers and designers should focus on when it comes to accessibility, it was found that ACE came out on top.

By comparing multiple colours in a palette against WCAG 2.0 standards while at the same time providing a simulation of how someone with a colour vision deficiency would see the page as a Protan, Deutan or Tritan, it was concluded ACE was the number one tool available.

It is hopeful that as a result of this research, ACE can be pushed forward and made widely available to designers and developers everywhere to make a difference to how we access different websites.