Computing Degree Show 2015

Building the argplayer

Argument and debate are fundamental to human life. Without debate or argument decisions on anything in life could never be made. As technology has advanced, debate and argument have begun to gradually migrate away from newspapers, radio and television. Instead, debate and argument are alive in social media and the internet. However, the debate seen in social networks can be poor. The goal of the Argument web is to improve and connect the arguments and debate in social networks and all over the internet. This can be done through software tools like the Argument Player.

The Argument Player takes examples of argument and debate, vocal or written, and shows how the argument structure has changed over time. This is done using argumentation techniques which show the overall structure of on argument and show which statements oppose or support others. The Argument Player lets users pause, fast forward or rewind as an argument unfolds, allowing them to explore how things change as the dialogue of the argument changes.

Rory Duthie