Computing Degree Show 2015

Computer based decision support system for people with diabetes

Over three hundred and forty million people worldwide have diabetes. In 2012 it was estimated that 1.5 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes. With a healthy lifestyle diabetes can be better managed.

Computer based health interventions are a common part of routine medical care. Decision support systems deal with developing, evaluating methods and applications for consumers. Their needs and preferences are sorted into information management systems used in clinical practice.

Websites with diagnostic tools can provide lists of information and videos to prepare a patient to make a treatment decision for their next clinical decision.

My Diabetes My Way is an interactive website service for people diagnosed with Diabetes. Currently the company doesn’t have a decision support system. Working with My Diabetes My Way enabled the creation of a computer based decision support system which enables a patient to access their test results and identify risks in a fast paced manner.

The implemented computer based decision support system is proof that decision making can be made effectively and efficiently, through a user interface of a website application.

Kurtis Mulgrew