Computing Degree Show 2015

Fitness/Workout application for Android

By Victor Chow

Although numerous applications exist to provide exercises and utilities to help track fitness routines, these applications offer limited functionality or poor user experience. Pro-Gym is an android application to help provide users sufficient workout exercises and a variety of utility functions, which can aid their routines.

The challenges this project addresses are: (1) Producing a workout catalogue, (2) Developing numerous utility tools to help track exercise routines and (3) To determine if users consider the Pro-Gym prototype application to be successful enough in carrying out its intended purposes.

From user testing, data was collected from 10 participants to evaluate the application and to determine if these challenges were successfully overcome. It concluded that Pro-Gym was a useful application which could have potential use with the correct user. However, none of the participants themselves would continue using Pro-Gym, due to that fact most of them were regular gym users which provide their own monitoring software.