Computing Degree Show 2015

Hands-free colour identification for people with colour vision deficiency

Stephanie Lee - Image HQ

This project is looking into using sound to augment colour vision for those with inherited colour-blindness. Colour vision deficiency affects 8% of males and 0.5% of females and can cause problems and limitations in various situations. The system I have built is designed to reduce these limitations and improve people’s lives in various ways. It consists of a head-mounted eye tracker which follows the user’s view and where they are focusing in that area. It then takes the colour of the object they are focusing on and translates that into a sound which is played through headphones. This allows people who would usually not be able to differentiate between certain colours, to tell them apart easily and accurately. Having evaluated the system the results showed that, not only did the system improve accuracy of colour identification, it also significantly improved their confidence in their answers.

Stephanie Lee