Computing Degree Show 2015

Helios: A System to Aid Dementia Carers

Dementia is used to describe a group of symptoms that affect a person’s cognitive ability. These symptoms may include memory loss, difficulty with thinking, speaking and understanding.  A person with dementia will therefore usually need help from relatives to manage their day to day life. In order to preserve a sense of independence for the person and their carer, I have developed a system called Helios.

Helios consists of an Android phone application, an internet protocol camera and an Arduino microcontroller, which in unison work to create an unobtrusive home security system. Connected to the microcontroller is a motion sensor and a sim card module. Should the motion sensor be activated, the microcontroller will place a call to a chosen phone number, in order to alert the carer that there has been activity in area.
The carer will then be able to log onto the app and connect to a camera which they have placed in order to remotely view an area of the property and ensure everything is okay. The app also contains a “to do” list, a diary and a medication section in order to organise and keep track of important appointments and information.

Created by Mhairi Taylor

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