Computing Degree Show 2015

Improving the user experience of controllers in virtual reality

In order to preserve the user’s immersion or sense of presence, whilst they are using a Head Mounted Display (HMD) like the Oculus Rift, the user’s view of the real world is completely obscured. This makes it difficult for newcomers to gaming or VR technology, to learn the controls for interactive virtual experiences.

This could be an issue for some people, as their introduction to VR or interactive entertainment, may happen during quick VR demos, whereby they are asked to perform some task using a controller. This could be difficult for the user if they have not used a controller before, and may negatively affect their perception of VR if they are unable to learn the controls.

To solve this problem a stereo camera is attached to the front of the HMD, so that when the user looks in the direction of the controller, a marker is detected, and the camera feed is projected onto a plane in the Virtual Reality scene. This enables the user to see both the controller and their hands, allowing them to learn the controls, without taking off the HMD.


Todd Harding