Computing Degree Show 2015

Multiplayer game

Hi, my name is Paul Cannings the purpose of the project was to explore game design and implementation methods with a focus on developing a multiplayer cooperative game.

That allows players to control a space ship from the perspective of a character interacting with the various systems contained within the ship, while navigating an open game world.

The software was developed within the Unity game engine. The AI within the game makes use of the steering behaviours such as Flee, Arrive, Wander, Obstacle Avoidance, Path Following, and Flocking. The software was authored in C# scripts.

Within the game the player can switch between player character mode and space ship mode, achieving a smooth transition between the two. Abstraction in the UI for the ship control, and centering player ship movement encourages simulation over action.

The game is networked, and allows multiple players to connect to each other and operate a single ship.

The size of the game world is potentially infinite with full 360 degree parallax scrolling. Game entities can be positioned relative or absolute to the player within the game world.

The project has achieved a good template for further development of the game concept. Most of the game exists in its first and sometimes further iterations.