Computing Degree Show 2015

My Sous-Chef

My name is Joel Robinson and I have designed the “My Sous-Chef” kitchen assistant.

My Sous-Chef is a personal digital kitchen assistant, designed to help users keep track of what food they have in stock, what ingredients are available for their recipes, and to help make the whole process of cooking more efficient by reducing food waste. The application is split into two main parts, the “Stock List” and the “Recipe Book”.

The “Stock List” keeps a record of the food stock the user has entered into the application, listing information such as the current quantity in stock, the nutritional value of each item, and what allergens are associated with the food item.

The “Recipe Book” keeps a collection of user entered recipes, with the ingredients of each recipe being cross-referenced with the food items in the “Stock List”. The user can quickly see which recipes they can make using current food stock, as recipes are sorted in order of “Most ingredients available” to “Least ingredients available”.

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