Computing Degree Show 2015

PANGU Mobile Client

This project investigates the usability and educational value of using a mobile device as a planetary simulator using PANGU (Planet & Asteroid Natural Scene Generation Utility) a powerful set of tools developed by the Space Technology Centre within in the University of Dundee. The PANGU tool is configured in server mode with the mobile application being the client in this client-server model. Using an agile methodology an Android application was developed to demonstrate PANGU on a mobile device. The mobile application uses the most advanced features of the Android platform in terms of gestures enabling users to change the viewpoint of a PANGU model. Other technology involved was the Spring Framework, Angular.js & MySQL to create a RESTful API & admin web-app. A number of users evaluated the application to access its practicality and usability and it was found to show promising results whilst some interesting ideas for the future work on the application have been highlighted.

Mark Goddard