Computing Degree Show 2015

Raspberry Pi EPOS System – ismo

Point of Sale (or POS) systems or tills are typically very expensive pieces of hardware although their basic function is simple. In recent times, alternative technologies like tablet computers such as the iPad have led to an emergence of “low-cost” EPOS systems. However the initial outlay for such a piece of technology is still in the hundreds of pounds. This project aims to create a proof of concept EPOS system that is capable of running on a Raspberry Pi, a low cost (~£30) computer that is the size of a credit card.

The project revolved around creating the proof of concept software to run on the Raspberry Pi and devising future implementation details that would allow the barrier of entry to the retail industry to be lowered. By analysing existing systems and involving retail workers throughout development, the project attempts to create a usable and powerful EPOS experience.

Johnathan Law