Computing Degree Show 2015

RateMyClass: using tablet computers to gather student feedback

rmcThis project involved development of a system which allowed for gathering, and subsequent viewing and analysis, of end-of-class feedback from students using a tablet-based mechanism. An android app was therefore developed which provided a quick, easy and intuitive method of providing feedback. It utilised a simple design whereby students rate the class across five different factors, namely how interesting, informative, interactive, intuitive and innovative it was.

Additionally, a website was developed which allowed staff to view the feedback for their classes (and, depending on their level of access, view feedback for others’ classes) and perform C.R.U.D operations on the database.

Testing results were on the whole very positive, with students finding the app easy and enjoyable to use – this project has definitely achieved the goal of providing a user-friendly feedback mechanism. The project did present a few challenges, such as linking both systems up to a central database in an efficient way and ensuring user contact throughout development.



Author: Kevin McKenzie