Computing Degree Show 2015

Recipes For Life : Bringing the tradition of cookbooks to the 21st century


Recipes For Life is an Android application for collaborative recipe management. For generations collaborative cookbooks and recipes have been a way for individuals to express themselves and share experiences and traditions with others through the format of cooking. But as society increasingly moves more and more into a digital age the concept of collaborative cookbooks could soon be lost in the onslaught of digital information if it is not brought into the 21st century.

Many recipe management applications are on offer but none offer the possibility to collaborate on cookbooks and recipes with friends, family and communities – a tradition which has been ingrained in society for many generations. Therefore Recipes For Life aims to fit this gap in the market and presents a solution which brings the tradition of recipe books to the 21st century through a collaborative recipe management application.

Recipes For Life aims to be a market led product and was developed using a user centred design approach receiving feedback from surveys, focus groups and user testing sessions. A final evaluation was then undertaken against a competing application from the Android app store which has received over 50,000 downloads. The evaluation was to help understand if Recipes For Life could compete on the market. Recipes For Life was the preferred application by all 10 participants.

Kari McMahon