Computing Degree Show 2015

Sorting Bee: an iPad Game for Children with Autism

Sorting Bee is an iPad game specifically designed for children with Autism. I chose this as my 4th years honours project as I wanted to explore what games are best suited for children with Autism and how they interact with games.

At first, I completed interviews with support workers and people with experience in working with Autism. I gathered information of what activities and games would be suitable to create. The interviews highlighted the idea of a reinforcement game but also to be creative so that the player can relax and have fun.

Sorting Bee is a children’s game that reinforces the idea of helping out around the home by tiding and sorting for parents and guardians. The player can choose what they would like to sort from the 3 categories of sweeties, shopping and recycling. In each sorting level, a pile of different coloured objects are shown and the player has to drag and drop the correct object onto the correct basket.

After the game was complete, I carried out an evaluation study on how the game is interpreted by potential players. Feedback showed that the game was “colourful and cute” but was a little too easy for participants.

Version 2

Jade Woodward