Computing Degree Show 2015

Real-Time Stock Filling and Ordering System for Small Shops


This project has been to develop a stock filling and ordering application for small shops and garages. Stock filling is one of the most important things for a shop or a supermarket. In most supermarkets this happens overnight and many staff are available to do the work. However in garages or small shops, usually only one or two staff are available to do stock filling. Most shops use a paper based system for this task, which is time-consuming and liable to interruption.

This application is designed to help shop staff perform the stock filling process in quickly and easily. The system has two parts: a web application and a mobile application. The web application is built using the Meteor Web Framework.  The mobile application is built on Android, so that the garage or shop staff can use a mobile phone or tablet to record what stock is needed. The system also real-time for example: when the manager does any changes to product information on the website the staff member can see the changes in the mobile app instantly. The data is recorded automatically, for later transmission to the wholesaler.

Rajitha Hasith Nandadasa